Evan and Taryn rock the shoot!

Saturday was my 3rd out of 6 weddings for the fall. My 8th wedding of the year! Evan and Taryn booked me early on in the year, and I had no doubts about how fabulous their wedding and pictures would be. I mean, seriously, look what happened when we took their engagement pictures... this is fierce people, fierce.

Evan and Taryn rock the shoot!

Apparently I never posted their engagement pictures on here! But this isn't the last you'll see of Evan and Taryn. They are modeling for me when I shoot my promo video in 2 weeks. That's right, I'm making a video! Or rather, my friend Andrew is making one for me :) But I get to be in it and I am soo excited. It's going to ROCK. Here is a clip to a video he made for one of the outreach's at my church, and if you watch, i'm in in a few times :)


a little hippie, a little vintage, a lotta chic

In the midst of the weddings I've been doing lately, I've still managed to stay true to my first love... portraits

Jill is a senior this year and had some pretty ambitious ideas for her pictures... well, not gonna lie, I did too ;) and together, I think we did a pretty good job pulling off what she wanted.



this picture makes me sigh... *sighhhhh*







Jill you're beautiful... inside and out. Love you girl!




Back in June, when I went down to Maryland and North Carolina for a few weeks, I was able to meet up with Rachel from Savor Photography to take some pictures for her as well as get mine done! That is, in case you were wondering, where all the new pictures of me have been coming from :) I didn't just meet up with her, I actually stayed at her house with her family who was gracious enough to have me come (almost a stranger) and stay for a week!

I had such a great time staying with them and they helped me find my way around NC as I made my decision as to whether it was the place for me to move. Ultimately though, I made the decision to stay in NY.

I had such a great time taking these... and while we didn't have any crazy things happen while taking hers, the day before when we did mine, there were a couple laughable and definitely memorable moments. Like for example when we were shooting in an alley and all of a sudden noticed an army blanket covering a pile... that started moving. Or so we thought :) It was just a pile of garbage, but I swear we thought it was a person for a minute.

Anyways, back to Rachel... we headed out as early as we could really. But by the time you get that far south, it doesn't really matter what time you get out. It's stinking HOT. You wouldn't know it though the way she seriously worked it out!

rachel is a photographer
rachel is artistic
rachel is hot



Jenna and Rick tie the knot

How did I not realize that the skies were gorgeous aaaaalllll day long until just now? Out of all the weddings I've shot or second shot this season, there has not been one day without rain or the serious threat of it!

Such a gorgeous day Saturday was... and what a gorgeous bride I was working with.

I am privileged to do this for people, and I'm not gonna lie... I definitely cried a tear or two more than once. However, my second shooter Andrea, being the steel box that she is, held it together and has now officially rocked her first wedding.

Jenna and Rick

Jenna and Rick only got engaged this past June, so as you can imagine, they were hurried with planning. Due to the short notice of planning they are opting to do post wedding bridals since there wasn't enough time to do engagement pictures.

I can't wait to see you both when you get back and we can rock out!



workin it out

Obviously I'm working on reformatting my blog. I decided that since I don't have time to do it all at once, I would just start chipping away at it. I may change a few things besides the layout, but mainly I got sick of having a two column blog and need more space for pictures! So bear with me as I get it put back together.

Also, since really, I'm not a blog designer and my knowledge of html is ridiculously lacking, I can't figure out what in the world is up with my header. It doesn't even show up on my page elements page... so I have no idea what to do with that. So if anyone reading this knows how to fix it let me know :)




Initially, I was only going to post one... but I couldn't! I just couldn't! Jill has been waiting all summer to do these pictures... and honestly, so have I.

I love my job, but I love my job more when I get the chance to conspire with a fellow artist. When words like funky, edge-y and out-there are being thrown around, I can't help but contain myself (if only slightly and for the sake of my very professional demeanor at all times...)


There are so many more than just these. But I must discipline myself and finish them in order! Guess that gives me some incentive to get some work done... :)


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