Evan and Taryn - down the aisle

I am struggling for words to explain how I felt about this wedding and this particular couple... when I try to pinpoint exact terms to describe what I saw and felt this day, I come up lacking.

Saying that their love is sweet is contrived, because it is beyond sweet.

The way they look into each other's eyes is unlike any look I've seen between lovers.

There is joy and peace, and love and hope for the future. Truly, the kind of love that exists between Evan and Taryn is the kind that grows and lasts. I am blessed to have come to know them so well through the process of their wedding planning and am so happy to call them my friends.

So, Evan and Taryn, I hope you enjoy these and are blessed by them as they remind you of the love you share now and forever.

Scroll all the way to the bottom to see a video of more than are just in this post.

01 Thorpe-207

02 getting ready

03 Thorpe-21

04 Thorpe-43

05 jewelry

05 best friends

06 guys and girls

07 on our way

08 Thorpe-135

09 dressy details

010 Thorpe-140

011 mama

012 ready

013 Thorpe-191

014 beautiful

015 gorgeous

016 waiting

017 Thorpe-247

018 Thorpe-238

019 down the aisle

020 Thorpe-255

021 i do

022 Thorpe-265

023 Lord bless them

024 communion

025 kiss

026 bridal party

027 Thorpe-505

028 steel

029 bridals

030 Thorpe-533

031 Thorpe-525

032 Thorpe-516

033 together

034 toasting

035 dance with dad

036 first dance

037 Thorpe-620

038 Thorpe-625

039 the little things

040 cake

041 get ur dance on



Dan and Jessica get engaged (rochester engagement photographer)

Dan and Jess came to me at the beginning of the summer looking for a wedding photographer, and I'm so glad they picked me to be their girl for the job. I am so excited to shoot their wedding in November and have no doubts they are going to work.it.out.

We started at Village Gate Square and then moved to Artisan Works where there were some amazing spots to work with.

dan and jess







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