time to kick it into high gear!

I've been waiting all summer long for this to come. Yesterday was the beginning of my wedding season. Maybe a bit late, but since this has been my first year, it's taken some time to do all the legwork that goes along with photographing a wedding. I currently have 6 weddings booked for the fall and started it all off with Nate and Erin yesterday.

Here is a glimpse of Nate and Erin's day...

Nate and Erin



the i-will-try-to-post-more-pictures post

Last year Diane contacted me through craigslist to take pictures at their annual family reunion. I was still at a point where I was so hesitant about everything. But has that been stopping me? I don't think so! I spent just about 2 hours photographing all the individual families and the whole group of them. In between I also got some candids, which looking back I realize were definitely faves of the day.

I can't tell you how happy I was to hear from Diane again this summer. We met at a small park in Honeoye Falls and then drove to a big open field near there. I'm slowly but surely beginning to overcome my fear of shooting in the sunlight. Of course before we got out there, the sun was still neatly tucked away behind clouds and low in the sky... but when we were all set to start shooting, it peeked through with a fierce intensity that made for some beautiful light and shadows.

And the bokeh through the trees behind them in the right picture... no complaints here :)

reynolds collage

field and family

little toes

In other news, I bought a set of magic print it boards from MCPactions today. Can I just tell you what an instant gratification person I am? I won't get them for like 24 hours. omg, I am not sure I can wait that long! The collages I've been making the last couple months were good, but I have gotten the itch for more. Plus these actions make making these super easy. AND I can just print them out! Score for both!

If you're interested in checking out MCP check out her site and maybe you'll just find something you can't live without... I did lol



finally, an adult family!

Diane contacted me a couple months ago with the hopes that we could come up with some new family pictures for her walls.

I knew her only by name, but have since gotten to know her and her husband, Michael, as well as her two children, Chelsea and Luke, much better... and I am a better person for having them in my life!


Shooting this family of 4 was an absolute pleasure. For once, I was able to have an idea in my mind, and execute it exactly the way I saw it ;) That doesn't happen with little kids... ha! The fact that they are all very photogenic was a huge factor too.

Good posing + good looking people = great pictures!


All of these were shot in the tiny village of Lakeville that sits right on Conesus lake.




When we were done with family pics, I stayed back with Luke and we shot some for his senior pics...

I seriously couldn't handle that he could do this:


Seriously, who does that? oh yah, Luke does.


Love these two shots... so much the same, but different and unique in their own way.



I've enjoyed working with you all so much and I'm glad to know that this won't be the only interaction I have with you! Thank you for picking me to help preserve your family at this time in life and I hope to be around to see new memories that will be made through the years!



a work of art for sure

Almost a year ago, I decided that I needed to have a brochure. I wanted something to hand to people when I was talking to them about what I did... so that when I would say, "I'm a photographer" I could then follow through with something immediately proving that I was serious. Not only that, but it's such a feat to get all this information put together in a cohesive way that is attractive.

Well, since the idea was born, there have been soooo many changes! I knew right away that I wanted my friend Bee to design it for me. So I worked a trade with her and took some family pictures for her last fall before her 2nd little girl was born... or even really showing!

A few different ieas flew around before we both kind of took a break from the idea. Sometimes that's exactly what needs to happen to let creativity brew. I've learned that over the years that instead of freaking out because I can't come up with something right now that it will come... and just letting it sit for awhile may just be the key.

Maybe 2 months ago, we picked the idea back up and when she showed me what she had come up with, I was more than a little impressed. Maybe you can see why?

amazing brochure-7

amazing brochure-8

amazing brochure-11

amazing brochure-10

amazing brochure-12

Bee, thank you SO much for putting the time in to make this thing happen. It is incredible and fits me and what I'm doing fantastically. I couldn't be happier and am so proud to have something this beautiful to hand to people!

Also, thanks to Allison, Jonah, Em, Andrea and Daniel! Without your beautiful faces, I wouldn't have anything worth showing off ;)


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