Emily (senior pics, rochester, NY)

my name is: emily

my school is: homeschool

my graduation date is: May 22

the last thing i ate was: an apple

my dream job is: singer/songwriter

if I had $1,000 i would buy: a junky old car (hey, if it runs who cares what it looks like?)

my favorite thing in my closet: purple halter top

my favorite pastime: writing songs and singing whatever comes into my head

i have never… seen heaven

my favorite magazine: Brio

my favorite place to shop:any thrift store (they're the best!)

my favorite high school moment: don't have one. highschool's been fairly static for me, never a really bad moment.

i love amanda slakes photography because: the photographer's waayyyy cool and completely talented!


Stacie and Jared's wedding (rochester wedding photographer)

March 23rd.

One of the most beautiful days we've had all spring.

I drove out to the church to assess the lighting situation and was more than pleasantly surprised with the beautiful light streaming in the stained glass windows. It was perfection. All that was left to do was hope that this light would repeat itself on the wedding day.

Fast forward 12 days to Saturday, April 4th. In Rochester, NY there is always that uncertainty... especially when we've had such unseasonable temperatures and beautifully sunny days.

The entire day was a mixture of freezing rain/slush/more freezing rain. Our status as upstate NYorkers has been officially confirmed!

But there were no tears shed. Well, except for happy ones. I saw a few of those slip out throughout the day :) The day went on, and what a beautiful wedding it turned out to be.

This girl was sooooo happy :D smiling all day long! Can you blame her? ;)

This one cracks me up. The little ring bearer was pulling a red wagon down the aisle with the two baby flower girls in it and his mom was luring him down with a sucker :D

The kiss! eep! I love it :D

One of the baby flower girls :)



a little taste

of the wedding this weekend :)

More to come later on...


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