waiting for baby (rochester, NY family and children photographer)

This post brought to you by:

Tony and Lynda... 2 beautiful people I've been honored to know and work with to capture these precious days before baby #4 enters the world :)

For any of you out there who have a 2 year old or have had one in the past, you will understand completely when I tell you how difficult it is to have fresh cut grass between your toes while trying to be glamorous for your close-up. What a beauty little Laurel is. Between a few tears and sticks waving about, I managed to catch her at some amazing angles :)

It's also hard to be glamorous while your two older brothers are charging about all around you and chasing eachother! But can she be any cuter right here?

Tony is the Dean of Men at the local Bible school near where I live and they live right on the beautiful campus. We made our way to the front lawn of the school where the greens were bold and the leaves had just finished opening.

Just one more. I promise. No, i'm not saying that to you, I was saying that all through the shoot :) When I thought I was done, I would think of just one more thing. That's how these last couple on the steps happened... and I'm so glad they did!

Thank you Tony, Lynda, Anthony, Jaden and Laurel! I can't wait to meet the new baby, and hopefully we'll see her on the blog soon too! :)



a undeniably beautiful bride!

Here is a sneak peak from the wedding this weekend. The rain looked like it was going to ruin the entire day, but it cleared for a few hours in the afternoon leaving us a perfect opportunity for some fabulessness... or should I say fierceness? These guys got the blue-steel look down, as you'll see when I post the rest!



distractions, ugh!

In the midst of my very honorable efforts to work on Tuesday's session, I was highly distracted by Sting's new tank. I bought the vase almost two weeks ago, but it's taken me this long for my vision to become complete. Unfortunately for the lovely little plant I chose, the tops stick out of the water and are consequently parched. Gasping for air water.

I think he likes the new look. I like it way better than before. I also am developing the habit of photographing him in almost total darkness... hey, it is what it is. what can i say?

In actual, more important, news that you actually care about, I will be shooting my second err third (counting my very first 4 years ago) wedding tomorrow. It's supposed to rain the entire day. But hey, if you remember correctly, I have experience with that. It's gonna be great no matter what :)

now, on to the star of this post. and his antics*. he wishes for me to caption these as follows.

whatchoo lookin at?

my name shall no longer be Sting, you may call me Swimby (ps I did not approve this name change)

a shadow lurking among the forestry, watching you as you sleep.

*yes, I am aware that i sound like a completely crazy cat fish lady. it happens.



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