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I had the opportunity to go with Andrea on an infant shoot this week and it was one of the coolest experiences I've had yet as a photographer. I had the chance to sit back and watch, not worry about being in charge of what was going on. But rather just observe and take pictures as I saw opportunities fly by.

The chemistry between this family is nothing short of amazing. They flowed with each other so well and as a result were just unbelievably easy to photograph. These pictures make me want to have a baby... or not :) Maybe someday...










for you Zelda Shaver

I've been slowly but surely catching up with work that I began over the summer and never finished... I get so stressed about this stuff, but when I sit down and just do it I feel so good. And I enjoy doing it so bonus! Why don't I just stay on top of stuff? Then I could have fun every day and not have a ton of backed up stuff to do!

Anyways, one of the highlights of the summer was my best friend from high school, Beka, coming back to NY for a visit. She came and stayed overnight with me. It was totally a grown up sleepover :) We had the best time talking so long into the night... and in March I'm driving out to Denver with Steve to visit her and her husband for a week! I am soooo excited!

While she was here, we went out to take a few pictures of her (and me too, but I was NOT looking so good that day... so we're just gonna leave those alone ;)


beka 2



Can't touch this... serious hotness lol


We are goofballs... that's all I have to say about this.

It's sooo good to have friends that grow with you through the years, and Beka has definitely been one of those for me. We are going to have such a great time in Denver, I can't wait!



just me :)

Saturday after the wedding I crashed hard. I got sick that night and was awake a good portion of the night with a fever and generally feeling just awful.

I had planned to go out with Andrea on Sunday and be her model. No complaints here! I was more than happy to do this!

But by morning, I was sooo not feelin it. But the day turned out to be so warm and unseasonably beautiful I decided it would be a crying shame to let it go to waste. So I put on my big-girl panties and we traipsed out and about to capture some God's light at literally the magic hour.

It amazes me how this light that comes before dusk actually sets in is so consistently magical. It's perfectly soft, casting very little shadow that lights perfectly and has such a buttery effect. Anyways, enough about amazing light, here's what she did!

I saved this one for last because it's my favorite. I seriously love them all, but this one, well, I think this is me :) If you want to see a few more, check them out on Andrea's flickr.



Corinne - senior 2010

Corinne and I headed out to Mendon ponds to take her senior pictures last month on my birthday! It was so much fun... mainly because Corinne is just all laughs and cuteness. In a totally grown up sort of way ;) I love this girl's smile, she holds nothing back, kinda reminds me of me... ha! But man, can she ever pull off the serious looks... one of a kind she is :) Love you Corinne!



Corinne 1






Dan and Jess preview

Saturday was the last wedding for me this year. I'm sad and happy at the same time... Glad to be done, but at the same time, I have grown to love doing weddings sooo much!

Anyways, it was a GORGEOUS day for a wedding. Especially a November wedding. Bright shining sun, temperatures in the 60's. And best of all, no RAIN! Who could ask for more here in NY ;)

Dan and Jess



Bekah {senior portraits}

Bekah is a girl near and dear to my heart. She is a true beauty... and she happens to be beautiful on the outside too :)

She came with me to two of my weddings this summer and assisted me, for which I am so grateful. I looked forward to her pictures so much, and we had such fun taking them! In fact, they were taken right across the street from where I live now. Down by the creek is a hidden treasure in this town, I love going down there :)


forest beauty





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