Baby Peyton

It's been maybe about a year and a half since I began taking pictures professionally. To think about that truly amazes me, realizing how far I've come and the relationships I've built along the way.

In the summer of '08 I took family pictures for Denise, Pete and their little one year old girl Riley. Since then Riley has had another birthday and they added a new one to their little family.

At a precious 10 days old, meet Peyton Avery.



baby parts


baby face

sweet kisses

big sissy

baby love

precious little one

Welcome to the world sweet girl, knowing you are loved beyond what you will ever know.


Jon and Ariel down the aisle

A cold day in October is what we woke up to the morning of Jon and Ariel's wedding. So many beautiful days we'd had, and this was no exception. The only downside was the absence of heat!

But when has anyone let a little cold get in the way of marrying their one and only. The one that matches them perfectly. That's who Jon is for Ariel, and Ariel for Jon.

Their ceremony was held in a beautiful Catholic church that was a combination of modern and traditional I had not yet seen. And the reception was held at Brunswick Greens in Troy, NY. Yes, I traveled all the way to Troy for this wedding! However, the next time I travel for a wedding, I'm voting for somewhere a bit warmer ;)

1 flowers

2 details

3 the dress

4 something borrowed

5 the little things

6 the shoes

7 together

8 father of the bride

9 down the aisle

10 waiting

11 blessing

12 excitement

13 just love

14 friends

15 perfect kiss

16 on the green

17 i do

18 solemnly sweet

19 just dance

20 yummies

21 toasts

22 reception

23 cut the cake!

24 mom and dad

25 rings

26 so happy

27 sweet

28 dance dance

29 blue shoes

30 the girls

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