The Wedding Affair

The Wedding Affair came to the Memorial Art Gallery this last weekend. One of my June brides invited me to go with her and I am so glad she did! This was an extraordinary event, so many beautiful ideas and great vendors to talk with... and there was so much yummy food, oh my goodness, it was amazing :)


well wed little things


well wed table top 1



well wed flowers

well wed cupcakes by grand finale


This is Rebecca, my June 5th bride. I am so privileged to shoot her wedding. The girl has style and I can't wait to see how everything comes together. Her wedding is going to be FABULOUS

well wed made up

MOD by Kris Kellogg was there and I was able to get my eyes done. She did such a fantastic job, I want her to come do my make up every day haha :)

well wed deco 2

well wed deco

Believe it or not, this was the first bridal show I've ever been to. As a bride or a photographer. I am definitely going to check it out for next year though. This candy bar that you see in the picture above is something I'm thinking about doing at my wedding... like a make your own favor kind of thing, anyone have an opinion about that? I'm not sure if I love the idea or hate it ;)


Rebecca said...

It was so much fun on Saturday! I'm so glad you came. The photos are so beautiful :)

tscott said...

amanda...it's AWESOME!! we have been to a couple of weddings that have done this!

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